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Weston Spring Farm is a plot collectively owned by the members of Middle Ground Growers CIC which is feeding 70 families around Bath on bikes and supplying top restaurants (Oak, Landrace) and local, organic food shops (Harvest and Scoop)

Thank you to all those who encouraged, help spread the word and donated to our crowdfunder. We exceeded our target and raised £96,000!

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Who we are

We are 4 young growers actively demonstrating practical solutions to the ecological, social and climate crisis through agroecology.

We have collectively bought 15.5 acres of fertile, south facing land with spring water. We have been funded by the Forest of Avon Trust enabling us to plant over 6,000 productive fruit & nuts trees, coppice and hedgerow and installed fence protection to maximimise the success of the young trees.

We have regular volunteer days where the community of passionate  ecological growers volunteer their time to plant and we are currently creating the market garden ready for the coming growing season.

Home: Who We Are


Through our farming practices we regenerate the soils, encourage diverse ecology and wildlife and capture carbon.


Through building soils and growing food we also build community and skills. Education is a crucial tool in feeding our collective future. We run seasonal traineeships to train the future land army and support them to establish multiple market gardens around Bath. We also run workshops in permaculture design and agroforestry.


We see a future where people, land and all the life within it work together, humans can't do it alone. Everything we do revolves around creating a resilient future for the local landscape and people.

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"Our vision is an inspiring and resilient permaculture farm where humans work harmoniously with nature and each other, co-creating a regenerative culture fit for the next seven generations and beyond"

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